Friday, September 17, 2004

See You in TechEd 2005!

Today is the last day of TechEd 2004. There is only 3 sessions today and it ended at lunch time.

The day started with Steve Riley's session again on Wireless Networking. Although I have never setup a wireless network before, this presentation give me some key points on how to secure wireless networking. He also mention 2 common mistakes that people usually make in securing wireless network.

First is not publishing SSID. Even if you don't do this, attacker still have an easy way to find this out. All they need to do is to capture some packets that are flowing in the air and then be able to work it out.

Second is restricting MAC address. This is an extreme administration nightmare if you need to keep track of MAC address in every Access Point. Secondly, MAC address can be spoof as well. There are even tools that help you to do this.

Coming up next is Richard Campbell's Advance T-SQL. He show some techniques how to perform cross tab query in T-SQL. This session finish quite fast.

The last session of TechEd is Kimberly Tripp's SQL Server Database Partitioning. This is another SQL Server high performance session by her.

It is kind of a strange feeling that I started and ended the TechEd this year with her session. Throughout her sessions in TechEd, she have gave a lot of practical techniques as how to achieve high performance database.

That's all for TechEd 2004. See you again in TechEd 2005!


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