Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Return from A Fomosa

Today is a public holiday and I am taking a rest at home after returning from Melaka yesterday.

Taking opportunity of the Independence Day public holiday, my friends and I organize a trip to Melaka's A Fomosa Resort. It has been a great time for all of us to be able to make up the time to get together and go on a trip. It has been almost 2 years since we had our last group trip. Nice to see things is coming back.

A little bit of dissapointment on the Water Park. It does not has a lot of playground and rides to play with. My experience there has not been very thrilling. Sunway Lagoon would probably be better.

Nevertheless, it is good trip to be able to get most of us together and have a different activity than just the normal weekend mamaking.

This is also the first time I took my Honda City for out station drive. I am so amazed at how fuel economy it is when driving on highway. It only took slightly more than half a tank of petrol to travel 400km. The performance of the car also cannot be understate. By just lightly pressing on the accelerator and let it cruise on the highway, it can easily reach up to about 130kph without any strain on the engine.


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