Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Snorkelling is fun!

I experience my first snorkelling activity while I was in Perhentian Island the last weekend.

I feel a little bit hesitate was at first. I was thinking it is safe for someone who doesn't swim very well like me to do this ? But what the heck, after all that is the whole point I was there for the trip. It is some thing I always wanted to do.

I rented a mask and fins and move out to the sea with my other friends. Once I jump into the seas, MAN! I just feel like doesn't want to get out from there. It is just so exciting to be to see the corals and fish with your own eyes. The fishes pass you in every direction. I wish I can dive in deeper to touch the corals. For those who want to know whether what you see in Nemo is real, now I can tell you it is real.

For those who still haven't try it before, you should. It is not dangereous, you are wearing a life jacket during the snorkelling, you won't sink.




At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am happy you has fun Jon... It's sync or swim rite? :o)


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