Wednesday, September 15, 2004

TechEd Day 3

Entering day 3 of TechEd, today technical session start at 10.30am. The first session of the day is some marketing stuff from the partners, so I skip it. But I still arrive at 8.45am so that I can get a parking spot at the hotel basement.

First session I attend today is SQL Notification Services by Stephen Forte. I was kinda dissappointed coz I expect to see a lot of codes, rather his presentation only give an overview of NS. Nevertheless, that is a good start for me.

Second session is SQL Server 2005 Security Enhancement by Joe Yong. Like usual, Joe always run out of time when delivering his session. Good to know the the new version will have tighter security control such as password policy and encryption. Also introducing some new features like Schema (which is a container that bind database object to users, something like Oracle schema) and new system view which allow us to get database's metadata in a easier manner.

Third session is SQL Server Backup and Recovery by Kimberly Tripp. Luckily I have read the Backup and Recovery chapter in SQL Server 200 Resource Kit last week. Otherwise this sesison won't make sense to me. Kimberly's session have give me a deeper understanding into backup and recovery strategy. Good stuff!

Forth session which is the most interesting session today is about Social Engineering attack by Steve Riley. Steve is an excellent speaker. Throughout the presentation, his humor has kept the room awake.

Last session of the day was Jesper Johanssan's Network Threat Modelling. He is a great speaker too but this session hasn't been as technical as I expect and no real demo.


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