Friday, September 10, 2004

Do not surrender you IC

Couple of days ago, I went to one of MAS (Malaysia Airline System) facilities. At the gate house, I give them my employee ID in exchange for the pass to enter their office. The security guard insist on IC or driving license.

Don't these people realize that they have no right to withheld our IC or driving license. Goverment has made this clear that we should never simply surrender our IC (especially MyKad) to other people including building's security guard and nobody has any right to withheld our IC even for security reason.

The security guard should only take my IC for recording purpose but has to return it immediately after that.

One of these bad things can happen to you if you give out your IC:
  • If you have change to Mykad, your personal information could be stollen from the smartcard in the card.
  • If they misplace or lost your IC, it is extremely hassle to apply for a new IC.

Bad things happen in life and if it does happen, who is going to be responsible for it?

Hope more building security management will pay more attention to this issue and change their policy.



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