Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tips to stay alive at Microsoft Events

Major Microsoft events like TechEd is always content intensive and exhausting. Here are some tips of how to stay alive through the events :

  • Get enough rest the night before so that you will be fresh the next day.
  • Get to the venue early so that you don't need to stuck in the crowd for registration and in the mean time for the event to start, get about 15 to 30 min rest.
  • Have a slightly heavier breakfast(a better timing will be about one and half hour before the event start so that by then, some of your breakfast will be digested).
  • Heavy lunch will always make you fall asleep in the evening. Instead, have light lunch and snacks in between breaks.
  • Don't expose to much to hot sun. That will make you feel tire.
  • In between break, take a short walk to exercise your muscles.
  • MS events are always held in cold room. Always bring a jacket so that you can keep yourself comfortable throughout the events.


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