Friday, September 17, 2004

Architect Dinner

Aaron from Microsoft Malaysia host an architect dinner this evening for some of the Microsoft's partner, customer and some folks who is active in this architect community.

We have the honor to have Gurpreet and Harry Pierson from Microsoft Corp with us in this dinner and with us Microsoft's initiative in this area. It is evident that Microsoft have realize the importance of architecture in the enterprise space and have show effort in this area.

Building enterprise level application today is a challenging task and the complexity will even increase in the days to come. As globalisation evolve, it become more important for applications to be able to exchange data and integrate seemlessly in a business process. Enterprise architecture is an important deciding success factor. We have to start looking at how to decoupling information architecture and application architecture.

Later after the dinner, we join the MVPs who ealier also have another dinner elsewhere for a couple of pool games.

This is how the evening ended.


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