Sunday, October 03, 2004

Going to be a busy weekend.

Looking at my calendar, this coming weekend is going to be busy.

First, on Saturday morning, I got to attend a friend marriage registration at "Tian Hou Gong". In the same afternoon, got to run down to KLCC to attend a User Group meeting. I have been MIA from the meeting for the last 2 months. Hope to make it this month since there will be some Redmond folks coming.

On the following day, have to attend another friend wedding dinner. I found out some time ago my friend's wife's sister happen to be one of those friend that I know from the user group. What a coincident.

On Monday, there will be a kind of split-split situation. 2 things is going on, I either have to attend this friend actuall wedding ceremony or got to help out the other friend with his wedding photo taking session.

And after that, looking forward for my one week holiday. My aunt and cousin from Sydney will be coming for a week of visit.


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