Tuesday, September 28, 2004

6 books read this year.

This year I have managed to read up 6 books. 6 books might sound very little, but I am a slow reader.

C# Text manipulation.
This book cover many aspect of string handling in .NET, including Unicode, i18n issues and regular expression which is my biggest gain of the book.

What they don't teach you at harvard
This book talk about management philosophy from the authur personal experience.

Visual Basic.NET Remoting.
Another tech book, the title speak for itself. But I got a little struggle with this book, I am still a little unclear on the sink. Anyway, all this complexity will go away with Indigo. Another aspect of difficulty is the code is all in VB.NET. I have to convert all the sample codes to C# to run and understand it. But that is not a bad thing after all, at least I don't just blindly compile the sample code and got a more thorough understanding of how remoting work.

Presenting to Win.
This is a more simple book to read. It doesn't talk about how to improve your presentation skills like other presentation book. Rather, it tell you how you should prepare for your presentation and how to tell a good story out of your presentation.

IIS 6 Programming.
A little disaapointed with this book. The contents cover only basic IIS 6 stuff. And the programmable aspect of IIS is not very discussed.

Writing Secure Code 2nd Edition.
This book is perhaps the must read for techies. It cover many aspect of security from process, to technology, coding, testing, documentation, common misconception and misunderstanding of security. However, some of the code is written in PERL, which make no sense to me :(.


At 11:30 PM, Blogger Firedancer said...

Wow! That's a lot of reading! I can't get focused on any books I read. Read a few chapters and I will move on to other titles - bad habit of me. :(

At 6:10 PM, Blogger IIS said...

Well, my book is better :)

or visit local MPH stores.


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