Monday, October 18, 2004

Gen 2 is just another Proton Car :(

I went to see the new Proton Gen 2 yesterday with my friends.

The visit was pretty dissapointing though. Apart from the fact that the car body looks nicer and feel more solid, the interior and finishing is bad. If you have seen the quality of a Wira or Waja, the quality of Gen 2 is just along those line.

The utilization of space inside the car has not been optimum. The door lock and power window switch is located at the place that is unnatural for the passenger's hand to reach.

I have even heard of cases where the radiator was malfunction and blow up the car after 4 days on the road.

Why can't the Proton's guys produce a car that has the same quality bar as a a foreign car. In contrast, Korea who also started the automobile industry about the same time with us has improve so much and ways ahead of us.



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