Saturday, October 09, 2004

VB.NET World Tour

Today we have a product manager and dev lead from Redmond to talk to us about VB.NET in our dev user group meeting this month. They stop by KL as part of their journey on the VB.NET World Tour.

During the 2 hours sessions, they run quick demo to show us what VB.NET is capable of as of Visual Studio.NET 2003. Then they move on to talk a little bit about what is coming out from the Visual Studio 2005 pipe.

There have been significance improvement in the VB.NET IDE like having more Winform controls, code snippet, edit and continue debugging and so on.

One of the feature enhancement that won most applause is they finally remove the 'TextBox1' default text when you drop a textbox onto the Winform designer. This enhancement alone can help improve the productivity so much. Think of how many textbox you put on every winform and how much time you spend on removing the default text. Although this feature is 10 years late(since VB3), but late is better than none at all.

Another significant improvement is in the IDE itself. The editor now behave much like a word processor now. For example, it show different color to indicate source code that has been saved and not saved, and it has capability to do certain spelling error correction.

Well, despite all these enhancements, I am still a loyal C-Sharper.


At 11:20 PM, Blogger Firedancer said...

I guessed I'm not really excited about the IDE enhancements but more towards the language enhancements such as Generics, Partial Types and etc.

It is nice to see VB.NET being enhanced to be on par with C# and this makes Visual Basic a toy language no more.

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Jonathan Yong said...

It is so upset that they didn't show those things.

I have seen quite a number of those language and CLR enhancement in c# but none in so far.


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