Sunday, March 13, 2005


In addition to my friend post on this subject, here are my comments :

Learning as many programming languages as possible is a good thing. That will give you a broader view of how different programming elements works and give you a different way of thinking about problems and solutions. It also help to develop the ability to analyze strength and weakness and made trade-off in your programming life. But having say that, having knowledge in many programming languages should not be the measure of success as a programmer or developer.

I also observe a very sad situation. A lot of IT fresh graduate does not want to get involved in technical position when they enter the workforce. Some of them know they are not competetive and yet they are not doing anything to improve that. Worse still, some doesn't even have a clue of what they study during the 3 years IT course and some couldn't even tell why they enroll IT course in the first place. These groups of people only want an easy life and expected to be taught in ways just like they are used to in university.


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