Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Return of Blogger

Haven't been blogging for almost a month though. It feel so good to blog again.

This year is going to start with some new challenges. First of all, the first quarter will be quite busy for me. Starting early this month already have quite a numbers of projects to do. This will of course safe guard my paycheck at the end of month.

This week got a new assignment. I got to write a VBA codes in Visio to generate a MS Project plan from a Visio diagram. Is a challenging task due to the flexibility of Visio object model.

This year my company also going to support a new product call Welcom . Might got a chance to go Hong Kong next month to attend their conference.

Not forgetting to relax, I spend the last weekend if Awana Genting. It turn out to be a good relaxing weekend. My friends and I stay for 3 days 2 nite. It give us plenty of time to move around. We have 6 person cramp into a single hotel room. U can never imagine what kind of funny behavior u can observe when watching other people sleeping.

One more thing on my todo list is to make up the time to put up some slides on regular expression for the MIND members. Has been thinking about this for months but just too lazy to start it.


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