Saturday, June 21, 2008

Planning for DataBoy vNext

I am currently planning and designing some new feature for the next version of DataBoy. I have receive some feedback for some enhancement that people would like to see.

This new release will be considered as minor update as there will be no new major feature that require significant design rework. All the new things are just enhancement that make DataBoy more usable.

Some of the enhancement that is planned includes:
- Short cut key to switch data and message tab.
- Connection time out in the Add Connection dialog (only for SQL Server).
- Set the cursor focus back to sql editor after a query is runned.
- Order column in data explorer tree view according to sequence in meta data.
- Persist database connection.

My target is to release in four weeks from now.

I would also like to re-iterate that the objective of DataBoy is to provide a simple tool to query database. It is not meant to be a database management tool. As such, all new feature request will be evaluated and design along this line.

The two main scenarios in which DataBoy is designed to support are:
a) Application support personnel/Developer can easily copy DataBoy into the end user computer (where there is no dev tool) or a computer where there is no SQl management tool installed and start querying the database for application diagnosis.

b) To enable application development with SQL CE much easier. At the time DataBoy was developed, the toolset for working with SQL CE v3.5 was very limited as SQL Server 2008 was not yet release and fully supported.

Having said that, I still welcome all feedbacks and enhancement request.



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